Agent orange Gleason 9 open surgery prepubic radical prostatectomy and pelvic lymph node dissection


I finished my radiation therapy Monday that was for the cancer in the connecting tissue of my bladder.

Yesterday I found a lump on the inside of my left buttock right next to my butthole and I don't know if it's a cyst or tumor or what it could be.

Being a disabled Vietnam veteran I will have to call my clinic tomorrow and not know exactly when I can have someone to look at it.

It seems to be about the size of the end of my little finger and I didn't notice it before IF it was smaller and got larger .

Never had a colonoscopy and I did request one recently but never received a appointment at this time.



  • Apaugh
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    keep calling your primary doc

    I am sure you know how the VA is, just keep calling our primary to keep you on thier mind so they can get the appts. you need set up.

    Hugs and best wishes, Annie

  • Fleet Foot
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    I, too, am a disabled VN Vet.

    A lot of Veterans have difficulty getting seen by the VHA for medical problems arising from their military service, yet others swear by it. In my case, if I didn't have "civilian" insurance I'd have died years ago awaiting help from the VHA in my area. Once you get in to see someone they're pretty good, the problem is getting in. If they're not as responsive as you'd prefer go with a "civilian" doctor to be assessed. Don't procrastinate.