Basal cell carcinoma (perirectum)

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We just got biopsy results yesterday that my mom has Basal cell carcinoma, its located on the perineum skin closer to the anus area. I haven't got to see report but this is all he told my mom and said its the most treatable type. My mom has had Melanoma in the past that was taken off by Wide local excision back in 2013 with no recurrence, caught it very early. So now this is another blow but the least serious kind of Skin Cancer but still scary to deal with. The Dr. didn't think it was anything but found it strange to have rough skin that area so during a Punch biopsy it revealed this. The nurse had said the area had a red middle that was ulcerated surrounding the rough tissue which could be irritation. I just wonder if its been there and now just gave symptoms, the only thing was the itching that caused her to ask about it during just her yearly physical so it could have went misdiagnosed. I tried to ask the nurse today if it listed a subtype or any other details and she just said no that in order to get proper staging that it will happen when the Surgeon decides what to do, I read mostly its all handled by wide local excision and given the area it may be more tricky healing since its not a lot of extra skin in that area but i read about some techniques they to close it or skin graft? She also mentioned its up to surgeon on what he thinks or if he needs to recommend her somewhere to get it done and possible lymph node if they think it could spread? I read a lot online about BCC rarely spreading and she made it sound more involved then what we did with the more serious Melanoma. I was just curious if anyone else has dealt with BCC in that area or if it makes it any different then anywhere else on the body?

The only notes online the Dr. left was below:

Reason for referral
Pt is scheduled for consult on basal cell carcinoma of the perirectum.

C44.91 - Basal cell carcinoma


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    Just wanted to do a follow up

    Just wanted to do a follow up in case anyone ever has this issue as its more rare in this area.
    We first had the consultation with the Surgeon, he told us that the biopsy report already showed some clear areas and it sounded like the punch Biopsy removed a lot of it or all of it but still needed full clear margins to be sure so a surgery was scheduled. My mom had her Wide Local Excision a little over 2 weeks ago and we got results back today that no other cancer was found and the margins were clear. The stitches were also removed today with no issue and we're all so relieved with the outcome.

    I wish everyone the best!