low Lymphocytes after radiation anybody else experince this?

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My blood Dr have been watching my Platelet counts for a while..  Due to beinging under 100..   After prostate radiation the are now down to 75..  Which still isn't too gets down to 10 or 20 I will satrt worring..  But I have noticed my Lymphocytes went down during radiation and are still low 15% almost 3 months later. Has anyone else experinced this?


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    I know a LITTLE bit about your issue from Lymophoma, Bass, but I have never had radiation for PCa.

    The Lymphocytes are manufactured by differeing types of stem cells inside the bone marrow. Most of this occurs in the "long bones," femur and others.  But the pelvic area probably supports this production also.  Probably the rads damaged the marrow a little.  Most likely it will spring back to normal range, but if not ask the radiation oncologist involved.