Taken off of Avastin

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Little worried, husbands scan showed possible blood clot and he now has to take blood thinner meds.  Because of this the Dr has removed Avastin from his chemo treatment (Folfori).  Dr. said he is between a rock and a hard place and has no choice.  Has anyone else been thru this and what has the outcome been?  He has just finished his 49th treatment.


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    49 treatments!  I can only just begin to imagine. Bless his heart! Thats a helluva lot of chemo. 

    I am sorry for this latest set back.  

    I know Jan Jan has had clots. She will be here soon, I'm sure, to give you a little advice. 

    I know you are probably more than a little worried. My thoughts and prayers are with you and with your hubby. 


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    integrative approaches

    You might want to interview alternative doctors with substantial clinical experience and research in cancer treatment.   

    My wife uses IV vitamin C and other nonstandard adjuncts in lieu of irinotecan, Avastin and commercial blood thinners - she just takes a daily oral 5FU drug highly modulated with mild drugs and some heavy  duty supplements.  Riordan Clinic researches and consults on IV vitamin C for cancer treatments, with even some support via toll free calls.  Life Extension Foundation publishes a number of articles on adjuncts and supplements for colorectal cancer.  LEF has call in help too, but the experienced ND cancer specialists are on a (free) call back basis.   

    One patient here, Luvlife2 extended her Folfiri treatments several years with IV vitamin C and other adjuncts with a much higher quality of life too, after almost wearing down and giving up on Folfiri earlier.

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    My fiancé developed a clot in

    My fiancé developed a clot in Nov 2015 and started heparin injections while on 5FU and avastin, then switched to folfox with avastin and then folfiri with avastin. the clot got better in fall 2016 and she was able to switch to pradaxa which we were thankful for because the injections twice a day were tough. This summer though we found out there are now two new small clots. Avastin was recently taken out of her chemo regiment and she's continuing with pradaxa. 

    While the oncologist doesnt think the avastin was working anymore, our naturopath wanted to monitor the VEGF levels (blocked by avastin) and has also put her on a supplement to help  it's not as strong as avastin but we felt it would be good to try just in case. Last blood test showed no change in VEGF. Could be the supplements or just that the tumors aren't using this growth factor. I can check the name of the supplement if youre curious.

    Our thoughts are with you.