Partial Nephrectomy Yesterday

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i am home today after having a partial done yesterday (lap). I wanted to share my experiences. I was home in like 24 hours from time of surgery. Amazing how things went so smoothly. They wanted me out of the hospital! It wasn't as scary as I imagined it to be. Much less painful Too. Surgeon told me that it went well and he was encouraged.

I do have some pain, and had some gas pains as well. The staff was excellent and catered to my every need. One week follow up with surgeon. In about a week I will get the pathology report. I think all in all I imagined it to be a lot worse than it actually was. I am tired and weak which is to be expected, but pleasantly surprised.

So, I am encouraged that I can do this; and so can you. Technology has come a long way for us and I am so grateful. One day at a time I can deal with whatever comes. 



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    Congrats on what would seem

    Congrats on what would seem to have been a successful surgery.  Glad to hear you're doing well.  I had the same surgery in June, 2016 and, like you, I was out the next day.  Technology is truly amazing.

    as to the gas, walk, walk, walk and, then, walk.  It helps immensely with the gas.

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    Welcome home!

    Glad to see things are off to a good start as you begin your recovery. Even though you were home quickly, don't push yourself too hard; you're still healing. Definitely do what Bay Area Guy suggested and walk as much as you can. Just remember to be patient with yourself. Oh, and I went through a boatload of Gas-X after my surgery. It really helps too.


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    So glad it's over and you're

    So glad it's over and you're home. While mine was an open partial my experience was like yours. Not at all as bad as I had feared and they wanted me out of there fast too. I was out in 48 hrs, which is not bad considering that it was an open surgery. Wishing you a smooth, uneventful recovery!

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    Thanks Everyone

    i am so glad that the procedure is done. And yes, recovery is beginning. It is a process too. I am learning. Being on the other side has helped me to realize this. The lap way is truly amazing. I have pain too. Anyone have pinching or cramping? My muscle walls feel very achy.


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    Had my on 20th July 2017

    Hey! Man! Glad u have a successful operation. I just had mine also partial removed via laparoscopie surgery 6 days ago. I was amazing that u can discharged the next day. I spended 4 days in the hospital b4 discharge. Everthing went well... except the gas. Try to get some hot towels over the shoulders it really help to relieve the pain. 

    Speedy recovery..... man.

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    Hey, Hey, you are on your way

    Hey, Hey, you are on your way... to a full recovery! And probably cancer free.

    Remember, you had some powerful medications during Gen Anesthesia, which takes days to be eliminated from your system. THEN you are adding oral opiates on top of that. I used ice over inisions to reduce any swelling and that way I didn't need many opiates. 

    BUT you cannot rush your recovery. Rest, WALK and do not exercise for 30 days per my surgeon. 

    Hope you start to feel at ease and get a good report.

    Keep us informed. We're here for you all the way!

    Healing hugs, Jan