Phlegm as a chemo or cancer symptom? HELP!


Hi everbody. My father (70) has stage IV colon cancer with liver metastasis. He was operated on April, they removed part of his colon and has a colostomy bag, and now he is on his 3rd chemo round. He is on Xeloda and Capecitabine pills. He also takes IP6 Inositol, Cannabis oil, A lot of multivits, etc..


Its now been I week that he is suffering from a lot of phlegms usually (but not only) when he sees or smell food. He is not eating anything!! We are wondering if it could be a side effect form the chemo but there is no much info on the web. I am also thinking that it could be on his head like a reaction, he is not taking very well the fact that he has a bag on the side of his stomach.


His onc is out of city and wont be back until next week. He also has his 4th chemo next friday but they wont take him if he is too weak. 


Has anyone gone through something similar or has any advice?


Thanks for any help and blessings! 




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    Don't let the doctor being out until next week be a road block.  Call the office and describe exactly what is going on.  He should be seen by an alternate doctor until his is back on staff.   If he doesn't eat he won't be able to tolerate the treatments.  Make sure you stay on this issue and get an answer tomorrow and have your father seen by someone else.  If he is too weak he shouldn't be getting more treatment until he is stable.  Hope he feels better soon.


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    My suspicion is that he's

    My suspicion is that he's dehydrated. It can make you feel like your throat is closing up when you try to eat, it makes my voice go, I'll sometimes get an ear that feels like swimmer's ear, I hate to eat because my food turns to mush in my mouth and I'm scared to swallow in case I choke, I get a constant nagging cough or feel like I have to clear my throat all the time and it can make me gag terribly when I brush my teeth. I don't necessarily get all these every time I am dehydrated but I'll usually get a combination. If I'm gagging when I brush my teeth then it's quite bad. For somereason my body does not hold liquid well. So I've pretty much had a low level of dehydration my whole life and more so now that I have an ostomy.

    It would be a good diea to get him looked at and get some fluids into him if he is dehydrated. It can cause the bllod pressure to lower and cause fainting. Last time I had it from a blockage they said if Id waited any longer I;d have damaged my liver. Scary stuff.

    Good luck!