Fun cancer camp my kids went to

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Last  year while I was doing chemo treatments I found a camp for kids that have parents who have cancer.  It was too late for my kids to go last year but my two kiddos just got back from a 6 day camp called camp kesam.  This camp is run by college students all over the country.  Most states are included.  There is two in utah where my kids went.   My daughter who is 11 had a blast.  she cant wait to go again.  My son thought it was okay too.  Hes a teenager 14 and he said most of the older kids thought the songs they taught were pretty cheesy.  Pretty understandable.  I am so glad they enjoyed it. The camp is free.  I just had to get the stuff for them to go.  They did a little activity where they wrote and painted on capes made out of material about why they went to camp.  The things my kids wrote were so sweet.  Just wanted to share my happy moment with you guys.  Cancer stinks some times and its a real pain to thinks about but this was a bright spot for my family.  My daughter even chose to write on her cape "cancer sucks".  They dont think or talk about cancer alot there.  I think it was just one activity where they do.  Mostly they just have fun.  Janae


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    Glad your kids were able to

    Glad your kids were able to do this Janae. And, I'm glad you are getting back to a "normal" life for yourself.

    Love and Hugs,


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    That's great!

    I can't imagine having young kids when going through this. I'm at an appointment at Fox Chase and there are 3 little children sitting with their father waiting for their mother. God Bless the people who do this type of outreach for families. 

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    What a great thing

    that is. I'm glad your kids had the opportunity. We lived in Utah for 3 1/2 years and my daughter was born there. It's a beautiful state..

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    What an opportunity

    I am so happy that they got to go.  It is tough being a kid with a parent who has cancer 

    Hugs and prayers, Lou Ann

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    That is wonderful and as

    That is wonderful and as others have said, " it must be so difficult for families with young children." I'm glad your kids got to experience the camp.