6 week follow up after RALP

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Well, I'm better off than I expected.  They did take out the SV's.  The cancer was outside the margins though and still plan to take radiation to kill remaining cells.  Got PSA test and Dr called me on my 3 hour ride home and let me know the PSA was 0.01.  Feeling much better.  I do not feel that my diet change has resulted in a lower score, since I've only been on it for a couple of weeks.  I also plan to stay on a healthier diet.  I may cheat from time to time, but for the most part, much better than what I used to do.  Thanks for all of the support from everyone here.  This site has really made me feel much better about my situation.  I'm fighting the tiger and not chasing the bunny.


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    Glad to see your report

    Others may correct me, but I think that a PSA that low six weeks after surgery is a good sign. Hopefully, it will go down even further.

    I also hope that your recovery from the surgery will be uneventful.