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My mother was just diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma and will possibly need a Stem Cell transplant sometime during October/November. Of course I will want to be there with her as much as possible, especially because my father has a full time job and will not be able to be there as much as he would like. I was wondering if anyone could give me advice on how to approach my college and teachers about possibly missing around 2 weeks of school and why it is needed. 




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    Talking to instructors

    I used to teach at a university. Most instructors and professors are not required to accommodate personal reasons for an extended absence, but most of them will if you talk to them in advance and keep them informed. I always handed out a syllabus with all the assignments , quizzes and tests scheduled in advance. My students knew what was due and when. If you receive this, explain to the instructor why you will be gone and give specific dates as soon as possible. Ask if they want assignments in advance, if you can turn them in when you return, or if you can turn they in via email at the due date while you are gone.  Most will probably not want them in advance since you won't necessarily have the notes needed to do that, but if they do, then get it done. If you approach them at the beginning of the course, they are more likely to be accommodating, since they will not see it as an excuse for late work. 

    Take your work with you. Hospitals have WiFi access and it will help you stay up to date and ready to return to class after the 2 weeks. If your Mom is sleeping a lot (and she very well may be), it will give you focus instead of worrying. It will also reassure her that you are not getting behind by being absent.  As a cancer patient myself, I know how much I worry about what my grown kids are missing if they are helping me, even though I really appreciate the help.

    If you run into someone that will not accommodate the absence, talking to them right away gives you a chance to change you schedule for someone who will. Good luck with you schedule. Let us know how it goes. I will be praying all goes well for you Mom and for you.