Questions about my Bone Marrow report


Hello everyone,

 My hematalogist quickly went over my bone marrow report with me, so quickly I didn´t understand it. He said He didn´t think it was anything to worry about. I will post it here, hoping you can decipher the meaning and give me some feedback:

 ¨3% of the B lymphocytes are identified as not showing light chains of Kappa/Lambda. A complete study was unable to be performed on the phenotype of some inmature  CD45- cells due to the quantity of the cells. It is recommended to monitor these cells in a later sample. The T lymphocytes present the following: 69% being CD4+, 42%  being CD8+ and 27% without phenotipical alterations.

I translated this from Spanish to English so I hope it´s understandable.

Thank you for any feedback you can give me.

Jim M



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    Information, but no answers

    I am afraid that no one except a pathologist or hematologist can accurately answer those questions, and how they apply to your case. As to the T-Cells, here is a link that explains CD4 and CD8:  Kappa/Lambda is related to the detection of Multiple Myeloma. CD45- cells are lymphocytes which lack a certain surface molecule. Again, what that means will have to be explained by a hematologist or pathologist.