Severe Leg Pain After Tongue Biposy

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Anyone else experience severe leg pain after being put under for a tongue biopsy?

I had my biopsy on Friday around 10:30am. As of right now (Sun at 11:20am) both of my legs, from the knee down, are extremely fatigued when I get up and walk. When I sit still they feel normal. When I try to walk it feels like I did after my first Body Pump class at the Y and we did tons of weighted squats.

The only thing I can think that caused this is those blood pressure booties they put on me in pre-op. They went up to my knees and were on for a few hours. I also know they accidentally let my fluids run out without replacing them. I'm wondering if I was dehydrated and those boots just put my legs through a massive workout and now it will take days to recover?

Even when I get up and go for a walk they never stop hurting, I'm just able to look normal when I walk after a bit. When I first get up I hobble.

I've taken Ibuprofen, but it isn't helping much if any.

Legs don't hurt when I touch them, just when I stand up and walk. I'd be more concerned if it didn't feel exactly like an overdone workout or marathon run.

Anyone experience the same?