sinus issues


im about 1.5 yrs out of treatment for stage 4 tonsil cancer. i have continues post nasal drip, congestion and now sinus headaches. anyone have similar experience post treatment? 





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    i have the same issue ten weeks after my last treatMent.  Constant post nasal drip and I choke because of the lack of saliva.    Ent surgeon recommended mucinex and lots of water.   So far it has not helped.   Gulping hot water helps, as does the sauna 

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    Bless You.


    I am 5+ years out and my sinus new normal does drip daily, but not all the time, requires a Kleenex box next to my chair, computer and bed and produces a series of sneezes (sometimes 10 in a row) and on a regular bases.

    No headaches.

    I never had any of these issues pre-cancer.  I will have to give the nod to the rads, they just don’t know when to stop.