My rant of the day

Lou Ann M
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My rant of the day.

 I had a CT scan scheduled for 9 this morning.  Drank my delicious smoothie at 7 and 8.  Filled out the regular paper work and at 9 the receptionist came over to say that they were having a problem with the machine and it would be a few minutes.  20 minutes later the tech comes out to say that   They have called in a expert to work on it and it will be there within a half a hour no guarantee when he would be able to get it fixed.  They sent me to the hospital in a neighboring town (30 miles Away). Even though all my paper work and insurance info was faxed, when we got there I had to wait for them to get approval for insurance.  Since it had been so long, I got to drink another delicious smoothie.    It wouldn't have irritated me so much except for the fact that they had been having trouble with all of their machines since our state had a 5.8 earthquake a week and a half ago. They knew they were having problems a week before my appointment was scheduled.   After drinking all of that yummy stuff I really had to pee and poo on the way home, so we ran into Walmart,  their front bathrooms were closed, causing a quick trip to the back one, and I had to wait in line.  Yukky day

Huga and prayers, Lou Ann


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    Sounds like a challenging day

    Sounds like a challenging day.  Im so glad you got your scan done.   I hope you get some time to relax and do nothing after that. 

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    Ahhhh Lou Ann! I'm so sorry

    Ahhhh Lou Ann! I'm so sorry your day turned out this way! I pray the scan gives you some positive answers. Prayers always.

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    Lou Ann, rant away! That day

    Lou Ann, rant away! That day certainly earned you the right. Geesh....

    Have you ever asked them for the "other" drink? I just can't get that thick crap down. When I was getting scans, they let me use this other stuff that kind of tasted like Crystal Light. And, I only had to drink about 8 oz of it. Then, they chased that with a glass of water right before the scan. So much easier to do. I don't know what it is called.

    I'm praying that your scans come back clear and that your pain is something as simple as a muscle spasm. I had a similar pain in my shoulder blade and back and it felt like I was having a heart attack. But, not all across my chest like you described. I had a deep tissue massage and it took care of it.

    Thinking of you sweet lady. Please come back and let us know what you find out.

    Love and Hugs,