Adrenal cancer stage 4

Hi all friends! My husband is going through treatment for ACC stage 4 since 2015 October. First he has severe back pain and light fever than after a month the general physician found the 7cm tumor in adrenal left. It spread to liver with many spots and in back L2 bone. After six cycles of chemotherapy his liver tumors responded and shrink in size but in very very mm level.After this he continued with radiation for his back bone tumor 1.x cm.

Again intervention radiation after these two treatments the doctor said that its not sure its is cured or not.It may be inflammation or tumor.

In between all these he had lot of scan blood work and back pain and the side effects of all these.

He is taking the normal herbs like tulsi,dandelion ashwagantha,moringa power tea,green tea.

Avoided all the white sugar ,white salt and all the junk white flour or sugary products ,drinks (he is non alcoholic non smoker).

Now it is almost sixteen cycles of chemotherapy with all CT scan MRI scan PET scan. We have a daughter now she s 5 year old. Doctor said next will try with immunotherapy.We both gone through much depression no positive improvements. 

"I request anyone in this group suggest about the better treatment ? in which place ? Doctors." The cannobis oil ,CBD /THC someone mentioned here. Is that really working?

his doctor didn't prescribe any vitamin supplement.

have read many are taking vit C omega 3 vit D.

As his doctor didn't prescribe any such. We are trying it by food 

only like frui and salmon fish.

Thanks sudha