Working my way back


Well 6 RCHOP sessions in the books ! 4 IT methotrexate in the books! Last dose of Prednisone done!

I am sitting here realizing how blessed I am. I keep hoping that tomorrow I wake up and the fatigue is gone. I know that is unrealistic. I am just so ready to feel good again. The Oncologist was right when he said by round 6 of RCHOP I would be much more tired. I am so thankful for this website and those of you who check it often and help with so many questions.  While I think I am on the way back up I still check this site several times a day. Sometimes it is the assurance some need to make it through a rough period. I answer when I feel I can give input. 

I have great faith in God and though I know others have differing opinions through my journey I always felt He had a purpose greater than my understanding. 

Many of  you have made my ordeal seem like a cake walk when compared to what you have been through. My goal now is to get my strength back and not forget the lessons I have learned on this journey!

Enjoy every day! Enjoy family and friends! Do not put things off! 

Sandy Ray


  • OO7
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    It is never a cake walk

    Only time gives that status.  It's hard.  Period.

    Now the time is to heal, to breathe and be at peace.  Be good to your self and take it easy.

     Be patient.   Don't attempt to move mountains tomorrow, it will come. 

    Blessings and peace.  I am of strong faith with God too.  Let him take over, you did your part now have faith.

    Good Luck! 


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    Life is a gift

    Each gift has a giver. As the receivers of that gift. the best we can do is to offer our gratitude to the Giver of Life.

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    Perfefct Combo

    S. R.,

    You were the perfect combination of attitude and knowledge-seeking.  With those two attributes, patients are always winners.
    An R.V. Dealership near where I live has a commercial that goes, We're not promised tomorrow; make those memories today.


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    Hi Sandy Ray and All

    I understand very much your feeling I also had it when I finished 5 rounds of RCHOP last year. For me it will be a year since I finished chemo last September. The fatigue was gone in no time but besides the fact that I feel grateful also to the Great God I got a lot of problems from chemo. I got periferal neuropathy in both my legs from Vincristine I am told and a sort of PTSD, general anxiety that sometime I think are worst than the chemo. PO 18 encouraged me some weeks back and I try to be positive but for me it is very hard. I am the type of person that always sees the empty part of the glass and you guys have to admit that there are people like me besides all the warriors and winners with positive attitude. This site also helped me a lot seeing people that got NED for a couple of years although I don't see a lot of long term survivors here. Probably because there are not many or if they are they got away with their life not thinking back to NHL. I am thinking of long term survivors over ten years.

    Sorry I had to vent my low energy beside your very nice and grateful post.

    Good luck in your recovery,