Stage IV Non Small Cell Lung Cancer: Iressa Gefitinib or Naturopathy

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Hi there, hope you are all well and having positive spirit. I am from the Philippines, i am joining this forum to ask about your experiences and knowledge about the drug "Iressa / Gefinitib". My sister, 35 Yo,  was diagnosed with Satge IV NSCLC a month ago. She's been tested postive for eGFR and was prescribed the drug Iressa which is to be taken daily. The doctor said that the average survival rate for this drug is 5 years and with minimal side effects only such as  facial rashes. 

I'd like to know if you can share some of your experiences regarding this drug. We are thankful that my sister is cleared on her brain MRI, and she looks well, the only thing she is having difficuty with is her coughing, although it is manageable enough that she is able to have normal conversation, and sleep with only a few interruptions due to coughing.

We are believing and praying for her to get well.

We have also recently consulted with a naturopathic doctor we have known thru a friend who is a 10-year lung cancer survivor. Our friend had a surgery in the lung, and then  didn't go thru chemo but opted for the natural ways instead. It includes green juice, tota wellness, coffee enema , dry brushing and others. 

We are weighing which way to go, because, the Iressa's median survival rate was reported to be around 5 years, while our friend who chose naturopathy is still very much alive now, and living her life and being an advocate.

The naturopathic doctor told us to pray about it and ask God for direction as to which way we should go.

Hope you guys can share anything that would help us in our decision.

May you all be  blessed by the Lord. Let us keep our faith in God.

In Christ Jesus, Amen.

Thank you so much.