24 year old female concerned about leukemia

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I am trying to find out what was it that made you get tested to be diagnosed?

I have had 3 blood test done and have spoken over the phone with a doctor that seems to be as concerned as I am. I have all the symptoms of leukemia and my blood test results have been adnormal in sorts it shows it might be leukemia.

I am 32 weeks pregnant now at 24 years old and have had the symptoms for over 2 years but have never really consider it. Can anyone tell me what was your first indication?


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    Hi Shelby2120, 

    I wish you all the best.

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    Hi Shelby,

    I honestly hope that everything is well. Im currently in remission (I was diagnosed with ALL in 2013.).

    I decided to check my bloodwork further, because I was tired and sickly for a couple of months before that. After the bloodwork came in, it was obvious that I had some blood disorder. My leukocites (WBC) were 324, and normaly they are around 8. I had my bone marrow tested, and then the results came.

    My treatment was succesful, so no mather what, never lose hope. Again, I hope that everything will be ok.

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    I had to see a Hematologist

    I had to see a Hematologist to have blood work sent off for cell study.  Study came back two weeks later revealing LGLL. All a regular blood test does is show the counts.  I was a big chicken, and told him I would not have a bone marrow biopsy, so the Hematologist/Oncologist chose to do the blood study first...so glad he did!

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    My symptoms were, fatigue,bleeding/bruising,swollen lymph nodes

    Hi Shelby, first I want to say while it is scary, it is also better to see your doctor sooner rather than later.  I say this because when I developed my symptoms I put off going to my doctor until it was nearly to late for me. However I will tell you what my PC told me when I finally went into see him, there's a higher probability that you do not have cancer than that you do. I was diagnosed in October 2013 (at the age of 31) with Acute Myeloid Leukemia (AML) and was given 2-4 weeks to live.  The symptoms I had begun with colds and infections taking longer to heal, then I noticed I had become extremely fatigued, I began to have problems catching my breath after doing simple things like walking to and from my car, my lymph nodes under my arms became swollen, and finally I began to bruise easily and bleed a lot from small shaving nicks or my gums. I went to my primary care physician (who was amazing and took my symptoms seriously straight off- from those I have talked to this isn't always the case) and explained about everything I was experiencing. He recommended to do a full blood panel right away. Within two days of seing my PC I was admitted into the hospital and undergoing treatment.   I am now 3years and 3 months in remission. I went through chemo therapy but ultimately had to have a bone marrow transplant due to my sub form of AML. I have a year and 9 months until I am considered cured. I hope this helps. Please see your doctor and if you don't feel comfortable with their diagnosis then I encourage you to find a doctor who addresses your concerns.  Good Luck!

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    Hi Shelby2120, 

    I wish you all the best.

    Leukemia symptoms

    Hi Shelby,

    My symptoms became evident in the summer of 2015. I walked around the city at lunch time. Then the balls of my feet began to feel very sore. I thought it was my shoes. That was in late July. By September I began to notice bruises on my fingers and arms. I couldn't figure out where they came from. By november my gums began to bleed freely. My platelet count was at 14,000. Norml low is 130,000. I was in danger of bleeding out and didn't know it. I was diagnosed as having Thrombocytopenia and treated Dr such. I was given infusions of platelets to get my count up and lessen the risk of a bleed out.

    in December of 2015 I was asked to have a bone marrow biopsy. Only that could truly allow an accurate diagnosis to be made. I retired after 40 years of work on December 15. I was diagnosed with CMML2 Leukemia  December  22. I was immediately sent to Vanderbilt Medical Center in Nashville, Tn. My first appointment was December 29.

    i can tell you that for quite a while, maybe two years, I always felt if I was under attack by some illness. It wouldn't go away. That is how my journey began.

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    CMML2 Leukemia. For Shelby.

    Hey Shelby,

    There is a happy ending to this story. I was part of a clinical trail at Vanderbilt. When that failed to move my blast level downward sufficeny I became a stem cell transplant candidate. In August of 2016 I underwent a week of around the clock chemo. Then in Ictober I was given a stem cell transplant. My sister was my donor. By April 27 my bone marrow biopsy showed no sign of the disease. In September another biopsy confirmed the April results too. I've been diagnose as being cancer free for almost six months now. My stem cell transplant anniversary is this coming Friday 10/20.

    i advise you to have your Doctor get you an appointment at an eminent cancer center. Get an appointment with their oncologist. Get a bone marrow biopsy to get a true diagnosis. Keep hope alive, think positively about your recovery, do exactly what they tell you to do, never say why me, be resolute in your path to recovery and put your trust in the Lord.

    if you live near Tennessee get an appointment at Vanderbilt.

    If you have questions just ask.

    Best Eegards, 


    67 and still ticking!!