Avastin/docile side effects

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Hi Everyone,

Im new to this site.  I was diagnosed last year with advanced ovarian cancer and have had continuous chemotherapy for the past year and a half.  Currently on avastin and doxil. Having terrible breakdown of skin on feet. Anyone else have problems with avastin ? If so, how did you treat ?

thank you 


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    Side effects

    Hi Patti,

    Sorry you are struggling.  I think your side effects are related to the Doxil, rather than the Avastin.  I was on Avastin for over a year and the side effects were mild, sinus issues, mostly.  But the symptoms you mention are common with Doxil.  Sorry, I can't help you there.  I never had it.  Hopefully someone who has experience with Doxil will chime in.

    Good luck. 

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    Sorry you are having the

    Sorry you are having the breakdown of skin on your feet.  I suspect also that its doxil.  It is one of the side effects on feet as well as hands.  Lots of moisturizing creams should help. My doctor told me a urea cream which is over the counter cream would help.  I was on doxil for 9 months without these side effects but the doctor alsways check my hands for any cracking or reddness.  Since I have reached the maximun safe amount of Doxil, I now am starting on Avastin.  Interesting that they have combined the Doxil and Avastin for you.  Everyone seems to have a different regiment but whatever works I say is good.  Hope the urea cream works for you.  Best wishes.

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    Also I was told to avoid hot

    Also I was told to avoid hot water and showers which I didn't do cuz I had no problem with the DoxilFoot in Mouth  Hope that helps you a little bit.

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    I have had severe blistering

    I have had severe blistering on my hands from the Doxil.  I also developed pancreatitis, likely from the Avastin.  I have also had crushing fatigue, no appetite, losing too much weight, skin like tissue paper, nosebleeds, mouth sores, and a case of diverticulitis.  The carboplatin/Taxol was a picnic compared to this stuff.

    Needless to say, I have stopped those drugs.  There didn't seem to be any response (tumors are continuing to pop up in my lymph nodes and now on the liver) and my quality of life the last eight weeks has been abysmal.  Not the protocol for me.  Although it seems like many people tolerate it just fine; my oncologist was quite suprised at all the problems I have been having.

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    Oh diva, I am so sorry to

    Oh diva, I am so sorry to hear this.  My thoughts and prayers to you.

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    Hi, Patti

    Yes, I had blisters between my toes when I first started on Doxil. Very uncomfortable, especially since I love to walk for exercise! But these symptoms went away after the second or third infusion. I used Bag Balm on my hands and feet at night. It's very soothing, and great for moisturizing. I even got used to the slightly medicinal smell!

    You'll be glad you found this site, Patti. There are so many friendly, knowledgeable people here to guide you along the way. Good luck to you.