One down - 34 to go

Linda C.
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One down, 34 to go. I was very surprised when then told me it was over. I was expecting for it to last longer. For what I have read, the treatments last about 15 minutes. I was done in 10. Just when I was beginning to relax it was over. Not sure if all my treatments will last that long but I sure hope they do. Still had trouble with the mask being too tight on my neck where I could not swallow. I had to push my head up to the top of the mask to swallow. I didn't want to move so I just didn't swallow. My mouth was so dry from anxiety I didn't feel like swallowing. My appointment was for 3:30 and I was home for 4:00. My neighbor drove me to and from the clinic. Feeling pretty good right now. I felt a little nausea on the ride home but I think it was because I was hungry. I'm having a protein snack right now. Tonight I will use my Fluoride trays for the first time and use the Aloe cream on my neck. This will be my ritual from now on. Going to take a nap now. Really sleepy from the Xanax.


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    one down


    Don’t move, 34 more to go.

    Did you mention to them about the tightness?  They can often make things better.

    I had a whole ritual from the time I drove into the rad parking lot.  I always took 1 Lorazapam to start, I took a hit of magic mouth wash in parking lot, go to the bathroom, drink some water, swish & spit, rub my arms and face, choose music and get at it.

    You will make up your own routine and do just fine.

    I am glad it went well.


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    It will go fast

    You will get into a daily routine and the days will fly by.  It's amazing how fast my husband's 7 weeks (7 chemos and 36 rads) went by.  It's not fun, bit you will get through it one day at a time. :)

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    All the treatments should be identical for time and the positions that it stops.

    I did a little spreadsheet and marked each one off as it was done along with weight and any other info for that day.