Spiculated Pulmonary Nodule

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Good Morning!

Yesterday my husband (56 years old and smoker) received results back from his CT exam.  He had the CT Scan on Monday and we received a call Wednesday to come and talk to the DR and it was urgent.  Obviously my head went in a very dark but I trying to remain positive.  The findings states that  in the left upper lobe, there is a spiculated pulmonary module that measures 9mm x 7mm.  Impression: There is a solitary spiculated 9mm pulmonary nodule in the left upper lobe.  The appearence would be concerning for primary bronchogenic carcinoma.  Urgent referral to the thoracic triage panel is recommended.  This lesion would be amendable to CT guilded percutaneous biopsy.

Our dr is amazing and he was so informative but I have to admit i didn't hear much when I seen the look on his face.  I have been so blessed to have no history of cancer in our family (we deal with ALS and MS).   The Dr said that because it was spiculated there is reason for concern.  What are the chances that this is cancer? 50/50? 20/80? I need to know what I am dealing with... 

My heart is just aching.

Thank you!


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    Hi Makita, First of all, this

    Hi Makita, First of all, this nodule is still very small, and if it is BAC, very slow growing. Try not to worry too much. And it would probably be staged at 1, which is very curable. Take some deep breaths, contact a good thoracic doctor and oncologist. He will need a PET scan. Please try not to worry. This has been caught very early is it is cancer. Best wishes...

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    Nodules are caused by many things

    like scarring from infections, arthritis or other reason of inflammation, Neoplasms—Neoplasms are abnormal growths that may be benign or malignant.'But even if canerous, like Katmar said it is very likely to have been caught early so then very cureative. Take it one step at a time. May I suggest you take scribbler with you to any appointments to write down your questions and take notes? I found this very helpful as it can be very overwheliming with all the  information being thrown at you.