Can your pets tell that you are sick?


 I think my little black Chiwawa knows I am sick. She wont leave my side lately. Follows me everywhere, even sits at the bathroom door whining till I come out. She trys to sniff around my head sometimes and whines also.  Her behavior was not like this until I got sick. I have heard that dogs can smell cancer, I wonder if it is really true?


  • Tonita
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    Pet are very intuitive and

    Pet are very intuitive and can sense when something is amiss.  There are cancer seeking dogs and there are stories of dogs finding cancer in their humans.


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    My German Shepherd, always

    My German Shepherd, always sits on my feet when I come home feeling like c***, keeps my feet warm and cuddles up.

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    Our inside kitties stuck like

    Our inside kitties stuck like glue to my husband all during treatment and after. They are usually very loving but this went above and beyond. Like Tonita said, animals are very intuitive creatures. 

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    They sure can...

    Well before C visited my life we had a beagle/cocker mix who always knew when one of us wasn't feeling well.  Even if it was just a simple cold, she would follow that family member around, camp out in their room and what have you until they're back to being themselves.  She often knew well before any of us would even realize we had that cold!

    Want to read an entertaining book?  "A Dog's Purpose" by W. Bruce Cameron, as well as the sequel, "A Dog's Journey".  Both are written by the dog!  Very good reads for a dog lover.

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    Cat and husband

    sleeps on his bed whether he is at his desk or in bed.

    Follows him like a dog on his walks!  Won't cross busy street at the light, but waits for him to come back, then follows hubby back home.

    Sleeps, with all 4 feet up in the air, while husband in his backyard swing.

    Great companion on good days and bad.  Best medicine ever!

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    I think pets surely know when

    I think pets surely know when something is going on! We did not have a pet when my husband was going through his cancer treatments, but when I was pregnant with our first child, we had a cat. Our son was born prematurely, for no obvious reason, and it caught all of us by complete surprise. The night I went into labor, our cat kept jumping on me in our bed and meowing. It was super annoying, and I kept tossing her off the bed. But she kept bothering me all night long until my water broke! Our son was born 2 hours later. My husband and I, all these years later, insist that she knew our son was coming that night. Pets have a way of knowing things. They are special in that way!

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    I havent really felt or acted sick this time

    around....and my Standard Poo has been normal.  I started treatment this last Monday, and even tho I am not having any side effects and feel fine....she won't leave my side when we go out into the pasture.  No snooping, no hunting, no begging to chase the ball.  If I stop in the field, she leans on me till we start walking again.  

    You bet they know...


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    Absolutely they do!

    My dog has been velcro'd to my side for the last 7 months. He is not going to like it when I go back to work in a few weeks!