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    intrathecal headaches

    Hi there,

    I'm in remission from double hit lymphoma, my treatments finished in December 2017.  I was treated with R-CODOX-M & IVAC, which includes 12 intrathecals of methotrexate.  
    My doctors told me that if I get a headache after an intrathecal it would be because they didn't take the same amount of spinal fluid out as the amount of methotrexate being put in - it has to be exactly the same or you will get a shocking headache that will last for days. They also insisted that after each intrathecal that I lie down for an hour.  I think my oncologists are the best because I didn't have any headaches!  I did receive a large dose of methotrexate via IV as well for each cycle of R-CODOX-M which left me with horrible mucositis - took a couple of weeks for my system to recover.

    Wishing everyone the very best,