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Hello all, I was diagnosed with Stage IV lung cancer last week. They found masses around my bronchial tubes and RLL. The pet scan showed that it had spread to my lymph nodes and my bones. My oncologist recommended that we start Chemo this Wednesday. I called MD Anderson Cancer hospital in Houston because I heard they were one of the best in the country. They said they cannot see me until the chemo cycle is complete and it is determined if it was effective. If I cancel the chemo I can get an appointment at MD Anderson in 2 weeks. I am pretty freaked out about waiting that long to begin treatment and I don’t know if I should wait or just start treatment Wednesday and see what happens. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. 


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    What did you decide?

    Why were you seeking a second opinion? I get MD Anderson is great but were you worried about the plan your own drs had?  Were they not a good facility? Not saying that to sound like a jerk - I know it comes off that way but I am just curious is all. Stupid internet and typing can convey emotions properly. No matter what - hope everything went well.