Leaked Chemo

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I recently finished my 2nd and last 6 day cycle of pre surgery 5FU and it appears the chemo leaked to my hand! I've been referred to the burns and plastics of a neighbouring hospital. They've prescribed 500mg Flucloxacillin to be taken 4x daily. Has anyone else had this happen? 


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    Leaked Chemo

    Hello Swania,

    I've never had this happen and I've had the 5-FU fanny pack pump twice.  Once was for 5 days on and two off and the second time was 2 days on and 5 off.  I've never even heard of this.  Hopefully the med they've given you can head off any potential bad effects.  

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    I hope you heal quickly

    I have never heard of this before, but I have read the drug warning lables for 5FU that state that it can be caustic if it comes in contact with exposed skin. I am so sorry this happened!! Was there a faulty connection on your pump that leaked the drug to your hand? I hope the prescribed medication helps you heal quickly.

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