My father has oral cancer.. Please advice what to do


I recently came to know, that my father has oral cancer. We took consultant from some oncologists and according to the biopsy results one of them said its in the INITIAL STAGE and and can be cured with chemotherapy, while the other one suggested to go for a surgery and then for the chemotherapy. It is covered in 5 mmx 5mm x 2mm area, in the upper inside region of the mouth. Is a surgery along with chemotherapy needed, or should we go for chemotherapy only? Should chemotherapy be taken before or after the surgery, or both? What about radiation therapy? Please advice.. I will really be thankful to you!  


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    Welcome to the H&N forum, sorry that you are here.

    What to do, what treatment to seek, is a hot topic around here.  Understanding that most H&N cancers receive a possible combination of  rads, chemo and surgery, I think I would seek a second or third opinion.  You only want to travel this road once, so you want the best chance for successful treatment from the beginning. Maybe, this has been caught very early and they can take a more relaxed approach, but you need to be sure.


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    Conflicting treatment options

    Welcome.  Sorry you are having to make these decisions.

    I cannot tell you what is best for you, as every individual is different in their journey.

    I, too, was given very different opinions.  I found my doctors both willing, and unaffended,  to discuss the other treatment option.  I openly compared options with my "first" oncologist and we came to a treatment plan together.  He had the information I needed to compare and evaluate the why of the conflicting options, and to come to a decision I was confident with.

    Hope this helps,