Is escozin real?


Hello just wondering if escozin is a real cure for cancer? i am watching tv commerical of this pharamcy offering it for 600dollars a bottle, the commericals are in different language (armenian) and seems to be target only for armenians. They only take cash and there are no receites, they recommend 3 bottles which is 1400 dollars, is this worth it ? this seems extremly shady


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    If it quacks like a duck, then its a duck

    Go with your gut. If it seems 'extremely shady' to you, then its probably extremely shady. 


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    it is fake a scam target on cancer patients

    it is a complete scam, it does not work and might be even harmful, why would a pharamcy try to sell a fake cure for cancer to patients who are despread and spend there last savings on something like this, i almost fell for it and i am very mad that this pharamcy does this, is there anyway to report them? 


    Russian émigré Dr. Arthur Mikaelian and his company, Medolife, produce a drug called Escozine, whose sole active ingredient is blue scorpion venom. Medolife said Escozine is an effective cancer treatment because a peptide in the venom called chlorotoxin -- the same chemical that paralyzes prey -- also happens to target and kill cancer cells. 

    Dr. Len Lichtenfeld, the deputy medical director of the American Cancer Society, is skeptical of the cancer-curing properties of Escozine and cautioned against patients substituting alternative medicines for traditional cancer treatments, such as radiation and chemotherapy. 

    "There's no reasonable scientific evidence to show that this drug works in treating patients with cancer," Lichtenfeld said. 

    He said he has seen too many claims about alternative medicines, such as scorpion venom, that turn out not to work and leave patients in despair. 

    "Cancer patients have enough to deal with," he said. "To have to deal with unverified, undocumented hope is a burden that no one should have to bear." 

    The unproven drug is not approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

    Literally scorpion oil, but figuratively snake oil from a Russian scammer. 

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    Grr, people who prey on

    Grr, people who prey on cancer patients make my blood boil. It probably does kill cancer cells in a petrie dish but so do lots of things. Its making it target the cancer cells without damaging anything else that's the issue. Sounds scary to me. They say it targets the cancer cells but I seriously doubt it.