My father have just been diagnosed

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Hes 59, no history in the family, but his psa has always been somewhat high and the last result at 5.0 had us worried. All the other superficial screenings were normal but his urol recommended a dre and a biopsy. He found nothing with the dre but the results from the biopsy indicated 1 out 12 core with 10% 4+3 at the gleason scale

He now has gone to the doctor with my mom, and im on my to give all my support to my old man. I even cracked some jokes on the phone but the thruth is im quite scared. We've been always on alert because of his psa but im still numb


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    No need to worry

    5.0 is not all that high. Mine was 18 when I decided to get a robotic prostatectomy. Other guys on here had PSA numbers over 30 and higher. And BPH can inflate PSA #s. And if the PC hasn't metastasized, your dad has plenty of successful alternatives to consider. Once you get more details, other guys here can give you detailed alternatives, and even though it gets a little rough sonetimes, the prognosis for PC is very good when caught early.

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    Treatment plans?


    The two major modes for treament are radiation(various types) and surgery.  4+3 is a little on the agressive side so I would think more testing is needed to find out where the cancer is located in the prostate and also if it has escaped at this point.  If it was me the next step would be an MRI with tracking dye or a coil up the butt to help determine the location of the cancer.  Study all the treatment modes and the side effects(they all have them).  I would talk with both a oncologist & a urologist for added opinions.  Then study, study to get the best path for your father to take.  If you have done your proper "homework" you should have no regrets with the outcome even if it does not turn out a good as you thought it would.  It's a big journey your family is starting out on, good luck at keep us informed.  There are a lot of people who have "been there, done that" that can help.

    Dave 3+4

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    Get the best image exam before any decision

    I will pair Cleveland's opinion. Your dad needs to get the best image exam he can afford to locate the bandit and decide on his next move. Contained cases have the highest possibilities in cure with a radical. If cancer has metastasized out of the gland then radiation may give the best result. Can you share details from the pathologist's report? Did they found any existing hyperplasia or calculi? What was the size of the prostate? Which core were positive? Can you provide his PSA histology?

    Regarding symptoms, what made him to check on PCa? Any urine issue?

    As his son you should be informed that you are at risk 4 to contract the disease. You should start testing for prostate cancer every-other-year.

    Best wishes and luck in his journey.


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    Use this forum

    Mat... You may want to browse this forum for advice from VdG and CG and many others for more information than you kind find in a medical journal. This is not professional advice, but advice from those who have gone through what your father is dealing with, and VdG is right, you yourself are at risk by heredity. So knowledge is power. A single visit to my urologist costs between 200 and 300 $, but here there is a huge bank of information here at your fingertips all the way back to 2002. One good rule: the more you know the better. We can resign ourselves to what we know is inevitable, and can prepare for it. But the fear of the unknown is troubling, and it is difficult to prepare for it. I'm am NOT saying this forum takes the place of professional advice, but I am saying it can be a valuable resource to gain a better understanding of PC issues and broaden the scope of knowledge to help allay the fear of the unknown. Kudos to ACS for making this forum easy to use and research.

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    I also agree. A tesla 3 Mri

    I also agree. A tesla 3 Mri with contrast and endo rectal coil (ER)  is the best imaging available now if available to you. Most previous imaging of the prostate has not been very useful.