If you had anal pain what pain Meds worked for you?

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Hello all, very new to this forum. I have not been diagnosed with anal cancer but was diagnosed with High Grade Intrepitheleal Anal Lesion. It was found during a colonoscopy. I have suffered for two years with anal pain. I will be evaluated at the end of this week at UCSF anal dysplasia clinic. I am told I will have several biopsies done during my anoscopy.I do have a question for those of you that suffered with anal pain. Mine has been going on for upwards of two years. I do have a bad back and sometimes am not sure if it's anal pain or lumbar/sciatica. I started taking oxycodone for the back and it's the only thing that takes the anal/rectal pain away. My fear is I don't want to get used to it because of addiction possibility. What have you taken for the anal/rectal pain? 


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    I took Tylenol and ibuprofen before treatment. Staggered dosing all thru the day.

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    Pain meds

    I used Tylenol and Ibuprofen before diagnosis then was prescribed hydromorphone. I don't like taking the pain med but I had to my pain was so bad. I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers th you have a good outcome and not cancer 

    ~ Kim

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    Pain management is very important to healing. My anal pain was great prior to, during, and for a short time after treatment while healing from radiation burns etc. I took regular scheduled doses of oxycontin (timed release every 12 hrs) and was prescribed oxycodone for break-through pain if needed in between. Once I was healed (more or less) I weaned off the pain meds by decreasing dose and lengthening time in between with no problem. Keep in mind that pain meds can be constipating for some, so wise to take a stool softener of some sort if you go this route.

    I understand your concerns for addiction (or dependence) on pain meds, but when handled correctly and not abused, it can be a positive life change making all the difference in quality of life. 

    I will pray that your visit to the clinic brings good news and healing for you.


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    Addiction and dependence

    I'm opiod dependent and have been for many years due to an unrelated problem.  I have been on a baseline Fentanyl Patch, 50mcg.  With Oxycodone for breakthrough pain.  My rad onc took over my pain managenment during and after treatment because as an oncologist he has more leeway with prescribing strong pain meds.  I increased my patch to 125 mcg. gradually, and the oxycodone from 5 mg. to 10 mg.  I'm currently weaning back down and am at 75 mcg Fentanyl, and still with 10 mg. oxycodone, but I use that very seldom now.  This week, I wean down further to my baseline of 50mcg.

    I also have lumbar disk problems and sciatica, and I had a major flare after the hemorrhoid and biopsy surgery before treatment began.  It lasted about a month and I was miserable in spite of meds.  The flare was caused by the "Jack knife" position I was put into for the surgery, so talk to your doctors and warn them about your back problems.  Maybe they can use another position or keep the position brief so you won't have to deal with a back/leg pain flare on top of everything else.

    There is a difference between addiction and dependence and tolerance.  Even as a very small person, I never experienced a "high" from the meds I took, because I've been on them for so many years.  I would still go through withdrawal if I were to stop using the meds altogether, but it's physical withdrawal and not a mental one.

    I would not let your fears keep you from taking advantage of the pain meds you are offered.  They truly do help, and I can't imagine getting through treatment without them.  Your priority is getting through whatever kind of treatment you need with as little pain and side effects as possible.  Worry about meds later, just do what you need to do now to get through it.