Ear ringing from cisplatin

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My dad has nasopharyngeal cancer and is on cisplantin. He's been having really bad ear ringing that's not going away. I was wondering if anyone on this medication has experience that before and whether this is really permanent. Also, what can help relieve that (besides corticosteroids injections)?


Thank you! 


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    My husband switched to carboplatin

    cisplatin can cause ringing in the ears and can cause hearing loss.  After two treatments, my husband switched to carboplatin.  The ringing has somewhat subsided and did not get worse.  Everyone has a different experience with cisplati.  Some have no trouble at all and some have significant hearing problems.  since my husband is a musician, we didn't want to take a chance.  I've never heard of cortisone injections for this ...

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    right away

    Please ensure he lets the oncologist know asap about ringing. Adjustments to chemo or scheduling need to be considered.


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    Just had my 3rd and final Cisplatin today

    I'm sitting on a ward on IV flush for the night after my final session with Cisplatin, ringing started about 5 days after the first session. I find it isn't as bad just before the next session. Hoping after this last sesion it goes eventually, hearing is deffinatley not as good I'm assuming they will test against the baseline test at some point. There are some white noise recordings on youtube that are supposed to help.

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    Cisplatin and ear-ringing

    Cisplatin can cause ringing in the ear and hearing loss, but it can resolve with time. I agree with the others who have written that it's vitally important to report every symptom to the cancer team. Like your dad, I had the ear-ringing and it didn't get better after the medical oncologist switched from Cisplatin to Carboplatin & Taxotere. A few months after my treatment ended, I found a solution quite by accident and now my ears feel completely normal again.

    I was initially told I'd get Cisplatin (40 mg. once per week) for six weeks, and advised the minimum dose should be 200 mg. Around week 4, I noticed intermittent ringing in my ear that sometimes was more of a hissing sound. It alternated between ears. I told my medical oncologist and he decided to switch me to Carboplatin & Taxotere for the remaining weeks 5 and 6. A few days after week 5, I started feeling sick. By Monday morning I had a fever when I went in for blood work before my next chemo. I had become neutrapenic and was admitted to the hospital for a few days. Unfortunatey, I had to miss one radiation treatment which was scary. They said since I had already had 200 mg. of chemo already, I would be spared a 6th treatment. The ringing in my ear continued weeks after treatment ended. My left ear felt full, uncomfortable, and I could hear nothing out of it. We saw an audiologist, who said I had accumulated fluid (probably in part because I had radiation on my upper jaw, which extended close to my ear). Luckily, once we were back in our home state, I had a short bout with a swelling in a foot that turned out to be gout and my primary care doc prescribed a short-course of prednisone. It completely took care of the hearing loss and the ringing! 

    It's a good idea to get a hearing test before you start treatment to get a baseline (I didn't) and then follow-up later. Let your treatment team know every symptom. Don't wait. 

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    Thank you everyone for your

    Thank you everyone for your response. I appreciate it. 

    We let the team know. My dad is now switched to carboplantin because of the ringing in the ear. He also had a test that came back with significant hear loss. The corticosteroids as far as we're told (the injection) is supposed to help with the inflammation that could be contributing, so it makes sense if it helps (I'm glad the prednisone helped you with the hearing Sylmarie). 

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    Hello and let me start by saying I am sorry you have to be here but it is hands down one the best sources for real information. The most important thing I can recommend to anyone who is going to do Cisplatin is demand a hearing test prior to your first dose. My treatment team at Stanford demanded it. I was supposed to get 3 Cisplatin treatments over 6 weeks with the standard radiation every day. (Around 32-33 treatments of rads). My hearing was tested before the 1st Cisplatin treatment and after each one. Unfortunately after the 2nd one they opted to not even give the 3rd because my hearing loss was severe on the lower frequencies. Didn’t switch, just opted not get anymore of any chemo. I finished the rads and today I am over 7 years out and NED. My hearing is not even close to what it used to be but I still function good with no hearing aids and still work full time. The Tinnitus in my ears is bad and has not changed since the day after my 1st treatment. After time, your brain adjusts and you get used to it but from all the research and what the doctors say it is for the most part permanent. On a brighter note, everyone does react different and some people have no problem at all. FWIW I did have excellent hearing prior to getting cancer. I wish you the best.