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It was so gratifying to see responses to my first post.  I have really needed to connect with other caregivers for awhile, and this is helping me deal with the constant stress.

Right now my husband is going thru a "delirium" phase....I think it is called Sundowner's Syndrome.  Too many pain and other meds, and now he is walking around the house, opening & closing doors, pouring milk into bowls, etc.  This has happened before.  He doesn't have a fever, so not from an infection, so I again just have to live with this..him also being very combative.  

Now I am a terrible person with no compassion although I spent the whole weekend sitting by his side, giving his meds, preparing meals, cleaning the house, walking the dog, etc..well, everyone on this forum knows the drill.  Guess I'm the one being a martyr tonite!

Thanks for listening anyone who is out there.  It's almost like saying a prayer.  You know God is listening, but wish you could be talking to him across the kitchen table with a glass of wine1



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    You are in a tough spot.  I hope your medical team can help you through this very tough time.  Medication induced issues can be very confounding.  


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    Possibly a UTI

    Doesn't always present with a fever.