Neck cancer


Has anyone had a neck disection due to cancer in tongue and then in jaw bone?



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    Welcome to the H&N forum, sorry that  you are here.  Have you been confirmed with cancer?

    There are many, many neck dissections for H&N members.  It is a standard treatment option many chose (surgery, rads, chemo, ?).


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    Another Welcome

    Hi bonnieandjim,

    Just like CivilMatt said we have plenty of folks here that fit that description.  Can you give us some more info to respond to?  I had a rare case of Mucoepidermoid Carcinoma, base of the tongue with mets to my lymph nodes on my neck.  So yes, one surgery to remove the tumor on my tongue then another Radical right neck dissection which had 2 positive nodes out of about 45-60 taken out.

    Having the neck dissection was almost painless.  A few after effects to deal with but nothing to complain about.  My right neck is still numb so I have to be careful shaving.

    Welcome to the forum.  This is the place with the correct answers, unlike Google, which will scare everyone who searches their disease.

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    My husband had a partial neck

    My husband had a partial neck dissection and hemi-mandibulectomy in 2012.  He did not have base of tongue cancer, but did have osteosarcoma in his right mandible.