I just spent the last four days in the hospital with a neutropenic fever and low potassium.  Taxotere is making all of my counts bottom out.  My ANC was .03!!  I received two broad spectrum antibotics, two doses (on IV and one oral) of potassium, and two Neupogen shots (after much debate) while in the hopsital.   A test today shows that my ANC has come up to 1.5 as of today.  

Anyone else on Taxatore? What has your I was switched to it from Taxol as I kept having rashes from the Taxol.  I do all of my chemo in patient as part of a desensitization protocol.  


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    oh miss cindy, I am so sorry

    oh miss cindy, I am so sorry to hear this.  I did not have taxotere and hope they can help get this figured out fo you.

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    So sorry Cindy

    I didn't have taxotere either but that sounds just dreadful.  I did have to have the shots :(  (((HUGS))) while they sort this out for you

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    So very sorry to hear about

    So very sorry to hear about this set-back, Cindy. Please let us know how you are doing. Kim