Carboplatin + Etoposide Hair Loss

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Tumors were found, sort of by accident, on 03/25/17;  left lung, mediastinal lymph npde, liver, spine, coccyx.  For several reasons, including a clean chest CT scan about 5 months earlier,  at that time I figured Small Cell Lung Cancer.  A week later, more scans revealed tumors also in the ribs and brain.  Then after an inexcusable delay of near 3 weeks (It's the VA - no big surprise on the delay, but still inexcusable), a biopsy confirmed Stage IV SCLC on 5/24.   I should have been biopsied within 3 days, given what was already known.  Chemo, carboplatin and etopside, began on 5/26.

As of the first week in April I had been symptom free and all organs were functioning perfectly.  By the time they did the biopsy and started treatment, I had severe pain and severe shortness of breath.  Also, the one tumor in the left lung was then several, and the previously clear right lung had a couple.

I've had 3 three day cycles, carboplatin and etopside the first day and etopside on the second and third.  They started on 4/26, 5/17, and 6/7.  Because I was still healthy except for having the tumors (and the pain and shortness of breath that had started by the time they got around to treatment) I've been getting what I think is the max dose for my body mass, 594 ml carboplatin and 546 ml etopside, each infused over one hour.

Right after the second cycle, 5/17 through 5/19, hair started coming out, both head and facial.  Luckily, it came out evenly, not in localized clumps or anything, so it just looked like my hair was getting less thick.  Also luckily, the eyebrows haven't been affected.  For a while, I just got tons of hair every time in the hairbrush.   Then, about 2 weeks ago, it stopped coming out.  Now I have this stringy, thin, nasty looking hair, with a severely receeding hair line and almost bald linear area going back on the middle.  This really looks likec crap.   I'd rather be completely bald for a few months.  Of course, even if I'm in complete remission after my next cycle, beginning on 6/28, which right now is supposed to be my last one, the whole thing will start again at some point.

I know hair grows (and apparently dies off) in 3 separate cycles, but if what's left is just the 3rd batch it should have started coming out by now, and it hasn't.  Could i have just lost 2/3 of my hair, leaving me with this straggly mess?  I'd REALLY rather not have to start shaving it regularly, but I can't keep looking like this, and I don't wear hats.