Held hostage by the sun


I feel like the sun has me held hostage.The grass needs mowed and weeds need pulled,my dogs thankfully are being takeing care of by a friend.What im wondering about is that I got some sun screen of 100 and a hat like a safarie hat.I went outside for a couple hours Sunday and did a few things,I did not think that I got burnt although its been very hot here in Kansas.When I woke up Monday I had lymphedema in my neck bad and also in front of my left ear it was swelled and below the ear ,both places hurt just to touch them.What Im wondering is does anyone know if the sun causes problems like these ? Im 5 months post radiation and have not had any pain in my neck for over a month,my big problem has been eating.Any input would be greatly appreciated.                                      Dennis


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    I wear neck gators, similar

    I wear neck gators, similar to Buffs, but much cheaper.  My lymphodemia comes and goes, generally doesn't seem sun related.  This week I started catching up on tree pruning, but yeah, I didn't need to lose 7 months.  By end of summer I might be where things were last September.  But it's good exercise, clean air, and rebuilds strength (slowly).  If I swell a bit, been there before.

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    Dennis from Kansas,

    My husband is also 5 months post radiation, and has been seeing a Lymphodema Therapist.  He finds that his lymphodema gets worse when he does any type of strenuous tasks.  The therapist confirmed that any type of activity can cause a flair up.  He has seen the therapist 5 times so far, and when he is there, she massages his neck for an hour.  After the hour, his neck looks great. However, if he comes home and cuts the grass, works on the car, etc. the "turkey neck" returns rather quickly. So, I think the problem may be the activity and not so much the sun.

    The therapist wrapped his neck im something similar to an ace bandage.  He keeps that on for 4-6 hours, and it really makes a difference!

    My husband also struggles with eating.  He lost 85 pounds in his journey.  He still drinks a Boost with a Benecalorie in the morning and I make him a High calorie Boost milkshake at night.  In between, he TRIES to eat small amounts of whatever I make, but it is still a struggle.  Getting better very slowly, but heading in the right direction.

    Best of luck to you!


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    Thanks rsp

    I called my rad doctor about my pain by my ear and under my jaw .I was told that it was not caused by the sun and I could not get a scan as I have my pet scan in the middle of July.Im probaly just over reacting.Im so glad to have this site to read as Ive learned so much from all the positive people who our fighting the fight.