32 year old daughter diagnosed with breast cancer

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My daughter was just diagnosed with breast cancer. She's a single mom of my four year old grandson. I will be going to the doctor with her this week so for now I don't have a lot of information. She is going to have a lumpectomy but they are giving her some heavy duty meds for a month before hand. I don't even know what their called yet. She's having a lot of side effects---nausea, throwing up, body pain-- I am hoping because it's a lumpectomy she will be okay. I don't have enough info yet till I see her doctor. Has anyone else dealt with this pre-surgery medications before a lumpectomy. Just hate she has to go through this. She's got an amazing attitude. My grandson is having a hard time uunderstanding and I know he's confused. I think we all are. Any advice is appreciated. I am just worried about this world we've stepped into. I am single and her only real support person. Her dads out of state and thankfully is very financially supportive.


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    My guess is your daughter was

    My guess is your daughter was diagnosed early.  A lumpectomy is a short surgery (typically 15 minutes or so) where they remove a tumor from the breast.  If your daughter is taking this route, then she will most likely be followed by radiation.  And this is just a guess, but Im guessing she is Stage 1A or 1B.  If Im correct, this is an early stage and early detection.  There is no chemotherapy at this stage (typically).

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    I wanted to reach out and

    I wanted to reach out and welcome you.  I had a different type of cancer but was single like your daughter when I went through diagnosis and treatment.  I am so greatful you are supporting her.  If she is anything like me she will greatly appreciate your support.  When I first learned I had cancer I was angry.  As much as I new being single was what i felt right about, I did feel lonely alot and needed support.  My extented family was there for me and even though it was hard and at times I still felt missunderstood, I was glad I had them to help me.

    Again welcome

    Love, Janae