Lower Lobe Removal

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In July, 2014 I had my lower left lobe removed when a suspicious spot, too small to biopsy, was removed and determined to be Stage 1A Cancer. Since that time, I find that I get out of breath much earlier than before and have attributed this to my decreased lung capacity. I have had all of my medical procedures and surgery done at the VA because my cancer was determined to be service connected. The doctors at VA tell me that the decreased lung size should have nothing to do with the fact that I easily get out of breath. Is this correct? PS: I get scanned twice a year and so far I am cancer free!


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    Lower Lobe Removal

    I can tell you first hand that yes you are out of breath beacuse of dimished capacity.  I had the same surgery  8 months ago and I am still getting winded. IT is getting better slowly. I am working with a lung dr and I am being treated for asthma. I never smoked. I was told that I should get about 90% of capacity back.