I see surgeon Today



I see surgeon Today,He wants to try to operate but he says it will be difficult. Not sure of him.he want to try beaucoup it's only solution for remission. 

But i am very afraid because oncologist said that if surgery is not possible.. The another treatment are limited and not very Good.... 

I can't have chemo i had receved cisplatine / doxo and carbo/ taxol.  




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    Sandrine - Surgery is scary.

    Sandrine - Surgery is scary. However, it is your best option for a chance to get rid of the darn cancer. I believe that all of the women on this board had surgery as well. I suspect yours will have a longer heal time based on what you have posted but you will get through it and come out the other side a much healthier person!  Please come back and let is know what the surgeon says. Sending you lots of support from this side of the world.

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