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Hello All,

I haven't been actively posting but read this forum daily to keep up-to-date on everyone and their treatment / health.

I want to update you on my current treatment, as I'm a bit of an experiment in the making. First, I was diagnosed in Fall of 2015 w stage 3c2 endometrial adenocarcinoma. I had a radical hysterectomy, followed by six rounds of tarbo / taxol, followed by 28 external radiation txments. After frontline treatment I was put on Metformin. Started w 500 milligrams per day and worked up to 1500 milligrams per day, where I am currently. At six month pet scan hyperbolic activity was seen in my clavical lymph nodes. I had 24 external radiation txtments to one node and surrounding area, accompanied by 4 low dose carboplatin treatments.

The radiation shrunk the one node, but soon another node in my neck was swelling and my onco suggested Avastin. I declined. As a matter of fact, I declined any future chemo. I have had some serious side affects and complications from chemo and refuse to destroy my body w any more of it. 

My onco then offerred me Opdivo. It is an immunology drug by Bristol Meyers. My insurance company denied me, which was expected and Bristol Meyers agreed to provide it for free under their compassionate patient program. I have had two infusions so far, two weeks apart. I will continue to have an infusion every two weeks for a year unless I have a life threatening reaction.

This drug is working great for me. The swollen lymph node had made it so I could not use my left arm wo shoulder pain. I had nerve pain up the side of my face and up the back of my head. The day after my first infusion I had terrible shoulder and neck pain and extreme fatigue. Within four days the lymph node was half its size and I was pain free. By end of second week the node was barely swollen and I was feeling great w lots of energy. My second infusion, I have experienced no fatigue and the lymph node cant be felt tho the area is a little tender. The side affect im experiencing is a hoarse voice / laryngitis. I can live w that.

My cancer was in my uterus and lymph nodes, had not metastasized to any organs. My immune system was keeping it somewhat in check. Now w Opdivo I feel my body has a helping hand on getting rid of this disease. I haven't had this much energy or been pain free for years. I'm very encouraged thus far.

All the best to everyone of you.


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    Very happy

    I think there is a lot of hope in immunotherapy treatments for us.

    Thank you for this testimonial

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    That is a great update!

    Thank you for all this great information!!  It is so good to hear that even if you don't go forward at some point with chemo there are other alternatives!  So glad that is working for you and that they are paying for it and that you are feeling so much better!  keep us posted as you can.  (((HUGS)))

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    What a great post! Such awesome news. Thanks for the update and I pray that you have continuing success. Please drop in and let us know how you are doing. I think you know we are all sending you positive energy and hopes for complete remission. Both for you and selfishly for all of us.  :-)

    Love and Hugs,


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    Gardena, thank you so much

    Gardena, thank you so much for posting this update. It's so great to hear from all of the ladies on this site who are on the front-line of these cutting edge treatments. Please keep us posted on how you're doing. Praying that your success continues! Kim

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    Thank you for your update!

    Your experience with this treatment option is very helpful and gives us all hope :). Wonderful to hear that you're having success with this. Looking forward to updates as you go forward with treatment. (((HUGS))) 

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    Good to hear from you, Gardena

    I'm sorry to hear about your recurrence, but it's nice to hear from someone who is having such success with new treatments. I have the same diagnosis (IIIc2). It's so encouraging to me to hear from you that there are options if a recurrence should occur. Please keep us posted.

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    I am very happy to hear your doing well- I am also a 3c2 Adenocarcinoma . May I ask where was the swelling in your new discovered node? I have been having left shoulder pain, that just appeared out of the blue, I went to my PCP about a month ago, but because my back pain was bothering me the most, he ordered an MRI for my back, so needless to say it was focused mainly in my back, The blood work he did showed high ESR levels, which means inflammation in the body (?) MRI came back showing a bulging disk on my back. since then my shoulder pain has gradually started hurting more.  I go for a Ct scan at the end of the month and to see my oncologist. I will be sure to lay them know. I hope that it's nothing, but if it is ,  I'm glad to hopefully have the same option you had- my chemo carbo/taxol was not so bad, but I really don't want to ever go back through all that again, but I will if ever I have to - hugs for all

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    Gardena...Great to hear from you and the encouraging news of your treatment results.  Wishing you continued success!


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    Thanks for the good news.  Im

    Thanks for the good news.  Im so glad there are other options besides chemo when it is needed.