Pre-op paperwork - complications likelihood

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So I am just reading the paperwork I got at the pre-op on Monday.

In the common (1 in 10) section is says "discovery that cancer cells have spread". This sounds rather bleak and the statement does not appear to control for Gleason score or stage. Is it really as grim as this?




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    possibility that cancer cells have spread

    Often they don't know about this until they get there. The biopsy actually only accesses a small portion of the prostate. I think in about 20-30% of RP cases the Gleason and/or stage are elevated during post-op pathology, when the entire prostate can be dissected and examined in a lab. Also you will need to sign acceptance for all kinds of weird off the wall contingencies, like problems with anesthesia. They occur in a small number of cases. Just covering their behinds. No reason to think these things will happen to you (on the other hand, they don't always happen only to other people either).

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    I agree

    I agree with RobLee. They won't know untill they get in there and make some slides to look at under a microscope.