Side effect??

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I don't know if there's something to do with the neulasta injection but I feel so sick an hour after the shot. The nurse took the pump off the port after 46 hours of drips. Then a shot for white blood cells followed. I am so dizzy!! No appetite for anything, just want to sleep. Have you had any side effects on yours? If so, what did you do?


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    Are you on FOLFOX?

    I did the 46 hour pump with my folfox treatment, and I also didn't want to do anything but sleep for a few days too. That is exactly what I did about it. I didn't feel like eating at all either, but I did make myself drink as much fluids as I could manage to help flush things out again. That seemed to help me some.

    I hope your effects don't last too long for you.


  • EissetB
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    Yes, Thomas, I am on Folfox.

    Yes, Thomas, I am on Folfox. I was okay until they gave me a shot for low white blood cells count. Then I felt dizzy and sleepy. I woke up with poor appetite. Sigh!!!!