Feeling poorly!

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i got sick, sick last night. Was sick all night. Am sick this morning. 

You know how it goes.  Everything has to be Cancer.  My head is going crazy, thinking where it has spread this time. 

I went to see a Nurse Practitioner, and she pronounced me healthy as a fox. In other words, she does not know what is going on. 

I'm just hoping that its a 24 hour bug or something that will pass quickly. 

Until then, I am after mega amounts of sympathy.  I'm not accustomed to being sick. 



  • abrub
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    Sending mega amounts of sympathy

    Feel better!  Here's hoping it's just a 24 hour bug.



  • Stonybrook
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    Get well soon

    I hope you get well soon. The bug will goes away!!!  We all know how painful and suffer that we have to face daily due to the bad cells.  Be strong!!


  • wolfen
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    Sending, tons of sympathy, warm hugs, a soft pillow, and chicken soup. Hope you feel better.


  • EissetB
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    Drink plenty of water, eat as

    Drink plenty of water, eat as much as you can and take naps, only if you can. Get well soon. Hugs-------


  • danker
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    Hope it only lasts a day!!

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    Aw, that's crappy. I find

    Aw, that's crappy. I find that although I rarely get sick when I do I feel kind of resentful like really? after all Ive been through I have to have a cold/flu/whatever it is. Anyway, I hope you feel better soon! Remember, we do just get sick sometimes and it's not stupid cancer. I know you know that, I'm just reminding you. I hate to think of you worrying on top of being sick.



  • sflgirl
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    Wishing you well

    Will think it's a little flu or bad food.  Hope it clears up quickly.

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    Double post :(

    user error lol

  • lizard44
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    Mega amounts of sympathy and many, many healing thoughts.


  • Tunadog
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    Hoping you feel better..

    Cool Feel better soon.


  • Canadian Sandy
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    Hope you feel better soon! No

    Hope you feel better soon! No fun being sick.

  • Phoenix_66
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    Hope you feel better soon.

    Hope you feel better soon.

  • NewHere
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    Chicken Soup

    Always seems to help me.  Also tea, honey, lemon and rum.  (Depending on things.)  Akla Seltzer Nighttime really works well, cleared up my mild head cold overnight and knocks me out for a good nights sleep.

    As to the other part,  I have had a mild sore throat off and on, probably seasonal allergies, but always nagging thought it is something else.  

  • SandiaBuddy
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    Maybe a warm bath and a healthful glass of red wine will help!

  • PamRav
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    as you always say, and it's such great advice...Be good to yourself.  Lay low. Eat lightly.  Drink plenty of fluids  watch junk TV 

    And remember this too shall pass...

  • ron50
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    Old jungle saying

       Having cancer does not make you immune to everything else. Having a compromised immune system makes you a target for everything. At least we get constant reminders we are still alive.. Hugs Ron.

  • ThomasH
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    I hope you are feeling better already

    My grandpa always swore by ginger tea for colds and flu! That and lots of rest. I hope by the time you see this you are feeling right as rain again.


  • Cindy225
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    Feeling Better?

    Tru - I can't imagine being sick that's unrelated to cancer on top of everything else we are all going through...hopefully you are feeling better.  Maybe a bit of sunshine and fresh air will provide some comfort.  


  • beaumontdave
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    Sorry Sue, I've hardly been

    Sorry Sue, I've hardly been ill since diagnosis, and other than the chemo and ops, I've never "felt" this cancer or effects from it. So the couple times I've had something, I've worried that my immune system might let mets start growing again, and that makes being ill doubly lousy. Feel better!.......................................................Dave

  • Joan M
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    Hope you are better!

    I know what you mean about thinking everything is cancer coming back, or getting worse.   Whatever it is, get lots of rest!  That seems to help our bodies fight off all sorts of things.  

    Sure hope you get better soon and continue to do well in your fight against cancer.

    You have been such an inspiration to me and so many others on this site!

    God Bless you!