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To begin, I am a 26 year old mother of two. I am currently breastfeeding my youngest and have been for a little over 2 years now. I noticed about 2 weeks ago, my left armpit area was swollen. It looks swollen to me and feels like it every time I touch it. It seemed to feel like it goes down, but I can't be 100 percent on if it actually does or not. I have no other symptoms. The area doesn't hurt, theres no physical feeling lump or knots. I had gone to the doctor on Wednesday and she performed a breast exam and checked my armpits. She said she could feel my lymph nodes and that they didn't feel hard or anything, but said they felt kind of squishy. I mentioned I had a rash on my back where my bra lays. She took a look and said it looks like it may be a fungal infection, although it was mostly clear when I saw her. Should I be concerned? I'm honestly freaking out and so worried it's something worst. 


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    If you do not trust doctor, get a second opinion

    If you find that you do not trust the second doctor, consider that you may suffer from the epidemic of our age: health anxiety. That is 100% treatable in both the short and long terms.

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    I marvel when I hear a patient say that their doc told them their nodes did not "feel" like Lymphoma, since cancerous lymph nodes have no particular way of "feeling."

    They can be sore or non-sore, hurt or not hurt, but overwhelmingly, they do not hurt and are not sore. They can feel soft or rigid to the touch.

    "Fungal" relevance here would be a long shot. See another doc if you see fit, but after that, relax and go with what they advise you, lacking any real clinical reasons to think otherwise.  Nothing you've listed thus far much suggests lymphoma.

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    I spoke

    I called my doctor back. They are requesting an ultrasound and mammogram to confirm it isn't some kind of breast cancer. I do have a lot of anxiety with health. Mainly because my mom has had some breast issues in the past. I just wanted to see what people thought on the Hodgkins page before anything. Thank you all for your help. 

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    Suspicious for lymphoma but no concrete diagnosis yet and scared

    Hello everyone i am new to the site and just wanted some opinions and feed back from you very knowledgable and great people out there thank you in advance :)

    Well first things first i am a 20 year old male in pretty decent shape play alot of sports dont eat to terrible my family has no history of any illnesses to this day. My story begins back in Febuary of this year 2017 a month after i had a case of strep throat randomly one day when i woke up one morning with a decently sized lump (2 by 2) i think it was on the left side of my upper neck near the jaw line no other symptoms before or after. I quickly went to my local doctor to check it out he prescribed me on 2 different types of antibiotics a week each which worked a bit but did not make the lump dissapear. So i was then refferd to an ENT specialst who saw me prescribed another dose of antibiotics again worked but not fully. So i was then sent to do a fine needle biopsy which came back suspicious for lymphoma because of a high white blood cell count in the fluid but no concrete diagnosis. Now scared and very worried i was sent to and oncologist who ran 2 blood works  to test for a bunch of stuff and see how my counts were an x ray a ultra sound of my neck and stomach and a core needle biopsy. Surprisingly all tests came back fine blood work was perfect ultrasounds didnt show any other lymphnodes swollen or anything abnormal  just the one lymphnode i had and the core biopsy came back negative with no obvious evidence of lymphoma or any malignancy from the tissues they obtained. threw all this the node seemed to get flatter and get smaller as if it were going back into my neck. Fast forward to now June of 2017 5 months later still no symptoms lump is still smaller very mobile and firm but not hard with a bit of pain when pressed on but still there and a new mini lump has popped up right under it same characteristics no other nodes tho ! I have a follow up on the 22nd of June and am so nervous on what to expect and so confused that 5 months have gone by all these test have been done all came back fine still no symptoms i feel fine could it still be lymphoma and what are the odds?