A note for the mods

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Whats with all the new word censoring? 

There are several post these past few days, where words are being censored because part of that word, on its own, is proabbly unacceptable. 

Here are a few exampes: I am needing some advice/re***ureance. -  leafy greens and wheatgr***  (though what is wrong with ain I don't know).

Of course we appiciate certain censorship, but this is going a bit beyond. 

Thank you for your moderating work. 



  • PamRav
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    I noticed


    that too.  Couldn't figure out what those ***were all about.  

    You must call it "wheatbutt" from now on!   Lol


  • JanJan63
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    I noticed that! I don't

    I noticed that! I don't remember seeing that before but maybe I just didn't notice. It's kind of funny, actually.  


  • marbleotis
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    My Guess

    Hi Tru,

    I noticed that also and my guess is that is a program that searches for pre-defined inappropriates and replaces with *** where they are found regardless if it is a part of a word or free standing.

    Just my guess.

  • NewHere
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    Yeah, Looks Like RegEx search

    As Marble said.  I do not recall seeing it before.  But to be fair, there was the 6 months of chemo I had, so do not remember much.  Tongue Out