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for the last year i was undergoing test and monitoring to do with a swelling on my thyroid gland. I had fna test done which came back with abnormal cell growth and the nodule doubled in size in the space of a few weeks. the decision was made to have surgery. I had the growth removed and the ismis on my thyroid that was over a month and a half ago . I got results last week that said the growth was benign so I am okay and at the post op I didnt think to ask any follow up questions as i was so relieved. Prior to my operation the swelling of my lymph nodes was discussed but nothing was mentioned after my operation as the growth was benign so I presumed that there was no point asking further. It has been around three months now that there has been swelling in the glands on one side of my neck ( One swollen gland and very small hard glands and just swelling in the area in general) . I am unsure whether i should have it looked at as it may just me been paranoid as the last few months have been very scary and stressful dealing with the unknown of what the thyroid nodule was. Is it normal to have swelling in lymph nodes for long periods of time like i have and is it normal for there to be hard small lymph nodes?  ***** i also apoligise if this question seems silly, as I know ye are all dealing with more serious issues





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    I would certainly look into

    I would certainly look into it. It could be an infection in your lymph node or nothing at all. But if for no other reason, do it for your peace of mind. Worrying about it is only going to make things worse.