What an astronomic increase in my CA-125 before surgery

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I'm now going thru chemo for my UPSC.  I'm getting Carboplatin and Gemzar on week 1, Gemzar alone on week 2, then a week off in week 3, although I have labs all three weeks.  I'm also seeing the PA every week this first month, then we'll see how often I need to do it after this first round of chemo.  At this past Wednesday's appointment, I asked the PA how my CA-125 had been doing.  She didn't have the results from that morning yet, as the CA-125 usually takes a couple of hours to process.  She did say my hemoglobin, which had been running a little low, was still exactly the same at 10.4.  My WBC's and my platelets had both dropped slightly, but she was happy that they had dropped such small amounts. 

At my last 6 month check-up with my oncologist on Feb. 8 of this year, my CA-125 had been 14.8.  I had worried about it at that time because in the last 6 years, it had been in the 6's and 7's all the time (except for last May or June when it had been up just a little).  I was told not to worry about it in February as it was still in the normal range.  Then when I had a positive hemoccult test and a subsequent colonoscopy after that, where a mass was found outside my colon, I was referred to my GYN/onc, who performed surgery a few days later.  He ordered another CA-125 almost two weeks after my surgery.  Well, I found out that on April 18, my CA-125 was at 129.4, and that was an 874% increase in just a two and a half month period.  I couldn't believe it had increased so fast.  I was tested again on May 9, when the figure was down to 33.2.  My PA told me that I'm definitely a person who has an accurate CA-125 level.  When I was at stage IVB in 2010, my level was only in the low 90's.

So for those of you who have have had accurate CA-125 levels in the past and have wondered if you should keep having them done, my answer is "definitely yes."  I wonder where I would be if I hadn't had my hemoccult done.  The cancer had wrapped itself around my ascending colon.  I might have had a bowel obstruction before my next 6 month check-up, and that could have been life-threatening.  It's a bit scary.     


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    It's good to hear from you! Thank you for the update and for the reminder that CA-125 can be a reliable indicator for some of us. I'm hoping your chemo goes well and is tolerable, please keep us posted on how you're doing. Hugs, B

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    Pinky, I agree with derMaus,

    Pinky, I agree with derMaus, it is so good to hear from you but I am sorry to hear what has been going on.  Thank you for the advice on the CA-125.  While it may not be really accurate for me, it is a 'marker' and something to watch.  Hugs and prayers dear one.  

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    Pinky- keeping you close...

    so sorry to hear you are going through all this- good info on the CA125.  Prayers and (((HUGS))) as you progress forward.  Please let us know how you are doing.  Innocent

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    Thanks for the updates and

    Thanks for the updates and advice, Pinky. I hope you're recovering well from your surgery.


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    I'm doing a bit better as far as the surgery goes.  I'm now able to lift again.  I still get abdominal pain, but I think it's from chemo now.  I like to sleep on my side, and sometimes when I roll over in bed, I get a little shock of abdominal pain.  I always wonder if something's catching on one of my internal staples.  The front of my belly, with its being so numb from 2 surgeries, sometimes makes me feel as if I have an alien riding along with me.  It feels really tight at times, which just adds to the weirdness. 

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    UPSC IIIA and CA125 results

    Can anyone point me to the most recent info on the meaning of CA125 results

    for UPSC 3a patients?  Diagnosed 3/2017, DaVinci total hysterectomy, salpingo oophorectomy,

    started 6 three-week cycles of carbo-taxol, taxol, taxol 4/2017 to be followed by 3 weeks of 

    vaginal cuff brachytherapy.  Monthly CA 125 results: 50,70,84,70,70.

    What are the best resources to follow?  Thanks for any assistance.