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I got some good scan results a couple of weeks ago....or so I thought. We've been continuously watching my lungs for many years since I've had a couple of recurrences there. A couple of spots showed up about nine months ago that my oncologist finally feels confident that they have remained stable and that they are most likely not cancer. So, for the first time since diagnosis he decided that I can go nine months before my next scan. It felt like a huge step. At the same appointment I brought up that I've been having some leg pain which he jokingly chalked up to advancing age. (I'm 58, not THAT old!) That was the end of the conversation. He never takes any of my very few complaints seriously which is very annoying. Anyway, he read that scan "wet" which he always does and then a couple of weeks later I get the radiologist report in my hospital portal. The other day I received the current report. The lung results were consistent with the information he provided to me. But then there was this:

Gradual change of sclerotic lesion left pedicle L2. Slow developing of lucency in the anterior aspect. Preserved cortex. Less prominent sclerotic changes within this lesion. These findings are indeterminate. Slow growing benign lesion, less likely malignant 
primary or metastatic etiology in the differential. Recommend followup elective dedicated MRI of the lumbar spine with intravenous contrast.

I called him when I saw this, but he's on vacation. :( Shouldn't he have mentioned this to me? Am I right to be worried about this? And, is this the reason I'm having the back/leg pain on my left side?

I don't know if anyone has had anything like this show up on a scan and can shed any light on this.




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    call again and again...

    I dont think just reading an xray can say a growths status.  They need a biopsy to confirm anything.  I would keep calling and until you find peace with it.  Maybe consider a second opinion even.