Dye hair--is it bad?

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Is dyeing hair while still on treatment get a bad reaction to our system? Had anyone dyed their hair while still under FOLFOX treatment?


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    I have. I had no reaction. I

    I have. I had no reaction. I'd be very gray if I didn't so there's no way I'm going to leave it.


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    Hello.  My oncologist said

    Hello.  My oncologist said not to dye the hair so I didn't but it looked awful.  I am totally gray.....LOL.....

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    I had no problems

    Dyed my hair throughout chemo, before and after.  No issues at all.

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    Hair dye

    Another option to dyeing your hair if it is discouraged, is to buy a temporary hair dye stick.  Comes in many colours, looks like a lipstick tube - wet it and rub on all the roots that "show". This might cause less reaction than totally dyeing ypur hair when on chemo.  I don't have that option, as my hair is pretty much gone now - not much left after 16 treatments of folfiri.

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    Have been dying my hair throughout chemo. No reaction. Hair thinning while on Oxi has been harsh but one more treatment to go and will be DONE with this part of the journey! YAY! I was using the hair dye stick in between colorings before cancer and worked great.  Finding using eye shadow on eyebrows makes them pop a bit given not much left of them either...  

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    I've done it

    When initially diagnosed and on chemo I didn't color my hair afraid it would fall out.  After my first recurrence I decided what the heck and tried it.  I discussed the issue with my hair dresseer and she suggested a non-peroxide based color,, INOIA.  I've been using it ever since.  I didn't have any more hair fall out than I did without coloring my hair.  Everyone is different and it might be worth going without for a few rounds of chemo to see how you do naturally  before deciding to color it. While most won't have their hair fall out while on FOLFOX or FOLIRI, so do so to me waiting to see makes sense as you don't want to make things worse.

    I remember asking about this years ago and the responses were quite humorous.  Good luck to you, Traci

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    I colored my hair today, I

    I colored my hair today, I used Bigen from Japan. It is powder in a tiny bottle. I thought I would try it since it has no ammonia or any chemical on it. Looked a little better than when it was partially gray.

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    When I started getting grey, about 35, my friend said I should color it.  My response: "I don't care what color it is, as long as there  is enough up there."   I"ll soon be 85 and still have a head of white hair!!!  LOL

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    Love it!

    I love my grey hair; I've earned it over the years. 


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    my hair is so weak and fragile at this point that I'd be afraid to dye it.  Falling out like crazy, but I still have enough to worry about.  Like Tru; at age 60 I learned to embrace the grays. Every 5 or 6 months  I do however get highlights.  Highlights don't cover the whole scalp so I feel ok with that.  And it brightens up my dull color.  

    everyone has to do what makes them happy and feel their best  




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    I have dark black hair and

    I have dark black hair and when it shows the gray I look like a skunk!! With those gray hair right on the middle of my head!! I look so funny!! I don't want to add more stress in me so I colored my hair. Pam is right, everyone are different and they have to do what makes them happy and comfortable. There's nothing with it.