Gall bladder removed

dygit Member Posts: 40 Member

Finished my cancer treatments last August and had my peg pulled on Nov. 2016. Have been clean but about 7 weeks ago had what turned out to be a gall bladder attack and then another 4 weeks later. After an ultrasound and HIBA scan, turns out my gall bladder was toast. Has it removed laproscopically 2 weeks ago and surgeon said it was hard and scarred. Otherwise am doing great and have 90% of my taste back but still a little dry mouth.

Asked about why it was toast and he said it could have been the diet I was on for 5 months with the peg tube and the crappy diet after it was removed (due to lack or weird tastes, I kind of had a one dimensional diet with little fresh foods other than Superfood greens supplement).

Anyone else had gall bladder problems or had theirs removed after cancer treatment?

Thanks and best to you all getting treatment or are post treatment. Life does get better - make sure you exercise!