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I have been coming here since my husband was diagnosed with SCC on the base of his tongue back in October.  I got wonderful advice, and feel like I have made so many friends along the way, yet don't know anyone personally.

I WISH we had a huge home on the water so that we could invite everyone on here to come and spend some time relaxing and to share their stories IN PERSON.  How wonderful it would be to meet all of you!

I wonder if anyone has ever tried to arrange a "gathering" to actually get to meet the people who have become our CSN friends?

Thank you, thank you, thank you to ALL OF YOU for being here.  Your words mean more than you will ever know!!!


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    If I read between the lines, I think you are doing well.  Still some pesky issues, but nothing your onc is afraid of.  I continue to see improvements at 5 years post.  So, you are just scratching the new normal surface.

    I wish you continued improvements; there are plenty of 300lb items to lift.