I'm trying to prolong his life... GBM gradus IV

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My father has brain cancer.

Glioblastom multiforme in corpus callosum, gradus IV. (butterfly)

The tumour's location is in the center of the brain, is not possible to perform the operation. After consulting Doctors Advisory Board, as a therapy in the treatment suggested the Chemotherapy and Radiation therapy. (Due to the location of cancer, the Radiation therapy is possible only at a dose of 70 percent)

The first therapy was started March 20. After three received radio therapy treatment comes to a complete collapse of the organism.

By the body appearing redness Itchy, appear psychosomatic changes - do not know where he is, hallucinations. Lastly lost consciousness completely (three days in a coma), on the body appear ulcers (covers full of the body skin). Body temperature 41 celsius.

After a few days, the skin of the whole body fell off...

Therapies are down and started the fight for recovery...

Perform all of labor tests, who found...Candida albicans (in large numbers)

Traditional medicine had no solution for the situation, After consultations with different Doctors and studies on the Internet, I looked for a solution in alternative medicine.

I spoke with the Doctor who was responsible for the treatment of my papa. I explained to him opinions that I got from other and after consultation with him, on their own responsibility, I started treating my father with alternative medicines. I used many different natural cures that restore my father's life.


a) The whole skin from the body is healed
(After three weeks)

b) Condition of the brain...
After a few days he had no hallucinations. In the second week started to be back memories. Thank god!
His memory is fully restored.

c) Vital Life energy is renewed.
In the third week, with the help of others began to get out of bed.
In the fourth week, the life energy is fully recovered, get out of bed without help and goes to the toilet. He asked if he could shave...My father is a retired police officer, and has a habit, every day to shave. He to work has never gone unshaven.
After four weeks spent in the hospital released him home for the weekend. Completely full of life energy.

May 10. Again starts Consultation to continue cancer treatment.

Made a control shot MRI.
MRI footage shows that cancer is not growing.

With regard to the treatment of cancer, did not take any traditional medicines, except the ones I bought (Alternative natural cures)

Thank goodness, alternative medicines are "slow down" growth of cancer.

Consilium of the Doctor, based on the state, decided to re-start chemo and radiation therapy.

After three received treatment, re-occurring skin changes, on the body appear ulcers (covers half the skin), Doctors stop the therapy for 3 days. After consultation, because it is a state of mind satisfactory, the doctors decided to go only with radio therapy, and treatment of skin conditions.

Because of this, I want to ask, Do you have experience with such events?

Please contact me if you have experience, how did you resolve the situation.

From all of this depends the life of my father.
I'm drowning!" I spent all my savings on the treatment of my father. I need urgent solution to the situation.

Thanks in advance for your advice.